Solar Services

When you install a rooftop solar system at your home, you initiate a 25-year long relationship. A well kept and maintained solar system is an asset on your rooftop for 25 years easily. The keyword here being, well maintained. It is true that solar PV systems today do not require extensive maintenance but to ensure that your generation is high, a regular maintenance especially solar panel maintenance is imperative. While most would tell you just a normal cleaning with a hosepipe would do the trick, at 24SOLARHOME, we highly recommend purchasing a dedicated maintenance solar package.

  1. Clean your solar panels 2 to 4 times per year
  2. Rinse solar panels to clear debris
  3. Maintain solar energy production records
  4. Continuously monitor for damage or energy production dips
  5. Periodically tighten any loose fasteners
  6. Have a professional inspection done once each year
  7. Call for professional repair when necessary
  8. Do an energy audit
  9. Keep a record of your monthly electricity bills