Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner - 1 Ton

Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner

1800 W Solar Panels
5 KVA Inverter
600 Ah Batteries
Frame structure for Solar Panels
DC and AC cabling

Hybrid Solar System intelligently selecting between Solar, WAPDA and Battery backup. Total cost of the system including transportation and installation is Rs.450,000.

25 years warranty for Solar Panels
1 year warranty for Inverter
6 months warranty for Batteries

8 thoughts on “Solar Air Conditioner

  1. We build shipping containers into affordable housing with two 250 watts solar panels running solar air conditioners 24/7
    For Air conditioner
    Two 5mm thin 250 watts all glass solar panels
    200 Ah Solar battery
    30A charge controller
    1500- 2000 Watts pure sine inverter
    1 solar air conditioner to cool 210 Sq foot container space

    Complete container with kitchen bathroom living and bed room for Rs 9 laks FOB Karachi

  2. Dear Sir, We need Air conditioner which can cool in 1 ton capacity in two ways:
    1. only in day time 8~9 hrs in which we do not want to use batteries extremely hot and shiny days such in Karachi from February to August..
    2. Day time 8~9 Hrs in which for other cities in which mix whether is present. Here we can use batteries but here we want to use less batteries.
    Thanks and Regards,
    M. Faisal Rehman
    Techno Harness & Electrical Parts
    LS-10, SITE Town Karachi,
    Cell: 92 03002310014 (whatsapp also)

  3. i need 1.5 ton inverter with solar plate and batteries so kindly send me complete detail as soon as possible waiting for your reply

  4. To start, our expert technicians and engineers will review your site for feasibility as well as discuss the existing and potential need for electricity in the future. We will assess your needs and suggest the best industrial solar panels array that meets your requirements, while also offering a free quotation for the entire project.

  5. At Energy 2000 Pvt. Ltd., we bring industries in Karachi the perfect solution for their energy needs. Our superior and comprehensive industrial solar power systems are meant to ensure consistent, uninterrupted and affordable energy generation to ensure higher efficiency and productivity for industries.

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