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After the devastating earthquake of 2005 which destroyed nearly half a million rural homes in Pakistan, there was an urgent need to build earthquake resistant homes. Thus came into being PAKSBAB which is the short form of Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Buildings. So far PAKSBAB, from its limited resources, has build 27 homes in northern parts of Pakistan. These homes have been built using indigenous resources and by training the local people in construction of straw bale houses with a wooden exterior. They will also be learning how to repair the exterior in case of weather emergencies, like roofing or siding replacement. Interior repairs will also be learned like how to properly place insulation but it will not be focused on as much as the exterior repairs. Professional plumbers in Mill Creek, WA may also help improve your plumbing system and your home's water efficiency. Professional plumbers can also help you with plumbing issues that require emergency plumbing services.

A typical straw bale house has an area of 576 square feet and costs $3000 on average. This  turns out to be $5.2/square feet which is less than half the cost of brick and mortar houses. A typical home, which could be enhanced with roof painting services, comprises of two rooms, a verandah and a kitchen and requires around 1200 hours of labour. So 6 people working for 8 hours daily can construct a straw bale house in 25 days!

The main advantages of straw bale houses over brick and mortar houses are highlighted below.

1. Energy efficiency, since straw is a good insulator

2. Non toxic products are used (light straw, clay and wood)

3. Cheap materials are used resulting in a cost that is half that of a regular house

4. Resistant to earthquakes

Energy Efficient House

Tightly packed walls and a gravel weighted foundation creates better weather-proofing


Energy Efficient House

Twice as energy efficient as a conventional house, straw bale makes for environmentally friendly earthquake-proof homes

Energy Efficient House

Clay-plaster reinforced, a fabricated straw bale house costs half the expenses of modern building for every square foot

Straw bales required for the construction of these energy efficient and earthquake resilient homes are built using manually operated farm jacks and locally manufactured compression moulds. Furthermore the local industry is being encouraged to supply straw bales and other materials required for these projects. You will get from Archute a leading architecture source for the latest news, projects, products, information and resources for architects and designers. Additional appropriate building methods that PAKSBAB is promoting include passive solar, rainwater catchment, solar lamps, high-efficiency cooking and heating with the help of HVAC professionals, and the use of natural building materials such as light straw clay, wattle and daub, and cob. If you need someone to conduct furnace maintenance in Portsmouth, VA and improve the energy efficiency of your heating system, you may contact companies like Energy Pro Heating & Cooling.

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