Roshni Program

Donate to the poor

Donate to the poor

Many places in Pakistan, like Gilgit Baltistan and FATA, are still not connected to the National Grid. No electricity means:

  • No communication to the outside world since cell phones cannot be charged
  • No television or computer since these also need electricity and
  • Most importantly limited hours of reading and writing for school going children

Keeping the above in mind we have started Roshni Program where we install small systems (50 W - 500 W) at rural homes through your donations. We would not charge any money for installation, transportation or any repair work required. Your donations will be used to buy equipment only.  Donations start from Rs.10,000 ($100) to Rs.150,000 ($1500). If you require we can connect you with the family that is benefiting from the donation so that you can get a sense of ownership.

Even a small donation of Rs.10,000 can provide 3 to 4 solar bulbs running for 8-10 hours daily. 

"According to available data out of 125,000 villages in Pakistan, around 95,000 have been electrified and some 30,000 villages are still to be electrified. By determining average population of a village as 1,000, the number of persons living without power in Pakistan in 21st century is touching 30 million". More on this...

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